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Well folks, FCN is less than three weeks away.   I'm totally unprepared. I've been
feeling ill and in pain the last couple months.  Been going to several doctors, and
and have ruled out lung cancer. Seems I had a kidney stone stuck in the ureter
between kidney and bladder and the pain was intermittent/radiating all over
my back. So, I went to hospital and had a ureterosopy procedure with laser beam to
blast the stone into little pieces. They also put in a ureteral stent in to allow the ureter
to heal properly.  I'm going back to the hospital tomorrow to have the stent removed.
Don't ask how they get up in there to do the work.....  shiver!!!!

Needless to say..... I've not been prepairing for FCN.  Cowbob Bob is clearly let down.
He'll be at the con at least part of the time.   The good thing is that I'm getting thru
this issue a month before the con!  Not during it.

Look for me, my buddy Cowboy Bob (the only furry roping cowboy in the fandom),
Mel Larkey - my fat little pawpet, and last but not least, my friend Sue, from
Stone Works Massage Therapy! (She won't rub you the wrong way).

peace and safety
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2009 Furry year in review


Well, events in my furry world didn’t start until April this year.  Furry Connection North happened that month and with it, I met up with Wildfox, who was delivering an eight piece partial fursuit  that I had commissioned Ocicat to build.  That was on Friday late afternoon at FCN.  An hour later, I was behind the stage with my buddy, Cowboy Bob, and I was struggling to get my fursuit head on ( for the very first time ) so I could get up on stage where Cowboy Bob was already into our act!   Uncle Kage watched in horror as I staggered on stage and when thru the act with my Cowboy.   I nearly passed out  because I didn’t put the head on correctly!   But all was well in the end.  That skit is up on youtube in case you want to want to watch our train wreak of a skit.  So, I got my fursuit, and did a stage performance all in one evening!  I had a blast!


The next con was Penguicon 2009 in early May in Romulus, Michigan.  It’s a sci –fi con where I met fursuiter Orvan Ox.   Orvan gave me some tips on how to care for my fursuit.  In mid-May, I did a double convention weekend.  The Dayton Hamvention and Morphicon in Columbus, Ohio.  I ran into several furries in the outdoor flea market at the hamvention!   Freddy  and I spent hours walking the flea market. Freddy’s the guy with Violet and Megadeth plushies that furries cast votes for at cons.

DEMF – Detroit Electronic Music Festival on Memorial day weekend was my next fursuiting event.   I only spent one afternoon/evening there…. To hot, to crowded, to wild with drunk women messing with my fursuit!


ANTHROCON!  I attended my second AC this year and SparkyBlueFox’s suit got filmed by BigBlueFox and his crew, and was seen in his BBF AC video !    ( I’m a star! If only for a few seconds. )

The next weekend was the annual Wyandotte street Art Fair.   I had one of my son’s tape me for over two hours while I walked around the art fair in fursuit.   Several video clips have been posted to youtube.   I had a blast and so did most others.   While there, I met ‘Lacy’s Toys’ , a custom plushy / puppet maker out of Alabama.   The next day I want back and commisioned them to make my fox hand puppet, Mel Larkey !


I did an afternoon fursuiting gig at ‘The Peoples Art Festival’ at the Russell  in Detroit.  That was fun and I ran into a young furry who remembered me from FCN.   He was really shy and I don’t recall his name.


An ex-coworker and I attended the Detroit International Jazz Festival  in downtown Detroit, In fursuit, of course.   It was a riot!  I was walking around drinking long neck beers and chatting with folks.. they loved me for the most part.  

I fursuited at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan along with a gang of fursuiters.  I was very very hot there and almost passed out.   But it was fun.

I also went to one of Gir Tygrin’s furmeets in Ann Arbor.   It was putt putt golf followed up by a park gathering.    I was super hot there also, and othere’s were sorta worried about me, but I survived.


Conclave 34 in Romulus was fun.  It’s pretty close to my home and I met up with a couple furries and Uncle Kage was a guest, so we all had fun with both the sci fi folks and with us furries.  Kage did a panel discussing the issues fursuiters have at conventions,   visio, motion, etc and he used me as his ‘visual ad’ .
Kage and I had the crowd laughing!   Fun was had by all.


Midwest Furfest was my last con for 2009.   It was my baptism into furrydom back in 2007 so it’s sorta special for me.  It was great meeting folks I knew and meeting new ones.  I’m sorta shy and very bad with names, so I’m sort of quiet most of the time.


Gir’s MiFur bowling furmeet was a blast!   I didn’t bowl  (back issues),  but had a nice time hanging out at the bowling alley.

Well, that’s about it for 2009.  
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My new years resolution.

Well,   I'm going to finally get off my arse and start posting on my LJ.   I'm going to follow WildFox's example of posting a review of
my past year. 

I'll compose this offline and upload it here later tonight or, tomorrow.

Happy New Years !!!!! 
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Furry Connection North 2009 Foxhunt report

Howdy everybody!

Oh my gosh! My body aches!  those darn raves are to much for my 1957 chassis!
But..on to the Furry Connection North radio Foxhunting results.  I'm happy to report
that at least 8 fox trackers took chase to the Fox this year.  Three hunts were conducted on
Sunday morning and despite some technical problems, we all had fun running around Furry Connection North 
poking and prodding at everything that looked like a hidden fox!

Here's a composite list of the trackers (in alphabetical order)

BJButtons           N9WEB
Freddy                 KPBY8411
Lolindir Fox         KD8HQK
Lounx                   KAJA2994
TigerPaw             KT1GER
Valrejn                  N4OHP

I conducted three quick fox hunts and the last one was a paw mobile hunt with
Dunkan the Dog as the mobile 'fox' !     
I freaked out when I was told that the the fox was off frequency on the mobile hunt and
I had to visually track down Dunkan and 'adjust' his left foot paw transmitter to get everything
legal again....   ooops!

Much joking and fun was had by all...    

Ahh... what the heck... life is inperfect    Just roll with it and have fun!

73 from AB8B


FCN is coming up soon!

Well....   I've been emailing with Ocicat.   He has a big blue fox tail in the works for yours truely.... 
With any luck, It will be ready for FCN, and I'll pick it up from WildFox.

My hidden fox transmitter has been built and is functioning perfectly...   'fox in a box' as I like to call it.

I'm ready for the FoxHunt at FCN on Sunday!

If you see me... stop me and say hello!!!!